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Hard Landscaping:

Hard Landscaping refers to anything that has to be built using solid materials such as stone, brick, gravel, wood etc. This includes the construction of patios, driveways, fences, retaining walls and raised beds. We have a wealth of experience in building fences and patios and are experts at installing both solid and gravel drives and paths.

Patios and Decking:

Natural stone patios and pressure treated timber decking. Patios and decking add an architectural aspect to your property. Edinburgh Landscapers will be happy to discuss materials and advise on suitable solutions whatever your requirements. With natural stone available from about £5 to about £40 per m2 there's something to suit every ones budget.


There are a number of reasons for building a fence on your property, it could be to mark a boundary or provide security. They are also used to increase privacy and add protection from the elements or it could be to add a decorative element to your garden. There are many different designs and materials that can be used when constructing a fence, The Edinburgh Landscapers would be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on possible solutions.

Edinburgh Landscapers offers a full range of hard landscaping and soft landscaping services, tailored to meet your needs. Our qualified and professional landscaping team will work with you to design your dream landscape.

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